Who Am I?

I am a graphic designer located in Tulsa Oklahoma. I attended the University of Central Oklahoma where I obtained my BA in graphic design. Since that time, I have worked for a sign company, a promotions company, and two design firms. I’m currently doing freelance while I attempt to find my next permanent design opportunity.

My college professor once told me the key to great design; find what’s working and minimize the rest. That has stuck with me to this day, and is how I approach all of my designs. My job is to take complexity and make it simple.  

My Skills

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Design

  • Making Charts

  • Going without sleep


"Matthew always exceeds my expectations. He is always able to deliver a great product, even when I don't give him much time. I've seen considerable sale increases ever since I started using him for my design projects."

− Michelle Wallace, Tulsa Air And Space Museum

"When it comes to design, a clear and concise message beats pretty decoration every time. Matthew has a unique talent that delivers solutions to design with simplicity and clever execution. His reverence for typography shows that he approaches his work from the roots up, and that is what makes his impressive style shine. He is an efficient communicator and always delivers ahead of schedule. "

− Brody McMahan, Premium Brands

"Matthew is a great tipper, win or lose. He never slow rolls another player, and he is always fun and talkative. My only criticism is that he over bets his good hands, and calls light on a paired board with straight or flush possibilities."

− Mark Perking, Poker Dealer at Riverspirt Casino