A Very Special


Logo for a  non-profit organization located in Edmond Oklahoma that teaches children with mental handicaps how to play music using percussion instruments.

To start, I created a graphic of a hand. It seemed logical, since most of the instruments being utilized for the children are instruments you hit with your hand.

The hand has a treble clef integrated into the ring finger and palm. The ring finger represents the organizations dedication to the children, much like a wedding ring represents a life long commitment to a spouse. The treble clef obviously represents music, but because it is integrated into the hand, it represents music made directly with your hands.

The type is a sans serif with rounded edges to mimic the softness and roundness of the icon. Also, when working with organizations that cater to children, I usually gravitate to typefaces with rounded corners. The softness of the letterforms creates a visually safe aesthetic, like when someone puts a tennis ball on a sharp protrusion so individuals won’t rub up against it and cut themselves. Lastly, the type is tucked between two horizontal lines which represents the lines on sheet music.

The color purple represents grace and elegance. According to surveys, almost 75 percent of pre-adolescent children prefer purple to all other colors. It’s also a calming color, and commonly associated with imagination and inspiration.