Capital City


Logo for a Republican lobby firm located in Oklahoma City.

At first, I was exploring different ways to incorporate the dome of the Oklahoma capital building into the logo. At some point I concluded that I could make the building look like an elephant, which is the logo of the Republican party. The end result didn’t look much like the building I was trying to mimic, but you can still see it. Just imagine the elephant has a dome on its head, and its ears are the east and west wings of the building.

I curved the trunk of the elephant to incorporate itself into the typography. The font for “Capital City” is a serif that reminded me of waving flags, especially the ends of the C and L. “Associates” is a rounded font that ties back into the icon and provides contrast to the serif of “Capital City”. I altered the “T” because it was the only letter than extended above the x height, and I wanted the word to act as a straight baseline. The color red was used as that’s the color most associated with the Republican party.