Music Festival


The Center of the Universe Festival was a music festival held in late July. I’ve always wanted to do a continuous line illustration, and saw this as a great opportunity to make one.

The top shows an illustration of a musician playing the guitar connected to an amplifier. Since the festival was happening in July, I added an American flag to piggy back off the recent 4th celebrations. I added a bird singing along, since the festival was outdoors. The line art continues to make the words “Music Festival” while also drawing a drink and hotdog, representing all the food that would be available. The line ends by making the dates of the event and drawing a border around the entire poster.

I added a crumpled up piece of paper texture to give the poster a rugged look. The Center of the Universe logo is hand rendered to match the rest of the design. I don’t do a lot of illustration, so this was a fun project to make.