At American Airlines our Document Specialists processed files that required a team notification via email. These teams are indicated on the document as a Section Number. Normally the Specialist would need to refer to a separate document to determine who would be notified. They would then need to create a new email and attach the document, as well as include a url link to the document online.

I created a VBA Macro to achieve this process automatically. First, I implemented a renaming Macro. You can read about that here. I then compiled all the emails for all the known sections and created a list. Because the Section Number is located directly on the document, I was able to collect that number and store it as a variable. By usingIf/Else If statements, I was able to compare the Section Number on the document to the correct email address located within my list. When the code finds the correct Section Number, it opens Microsoft Outlook and populates a new email using the correct email addresses.

It also fills out the rest of the email. It inserts a Subject and standard Body Copy using information obtained by the Macro, as well as includes a link to the document online. The link is achieved by simply using the core URL of the site and simply swapping out a small piece of information that’s collected during the Macro process. Lastly, it attaches the document to the email.

All of this is done with the click of a button. This saves the Specialist a significant amount of time, as well as cuts down on simple human error mistakes.