Great Wall


Great Wall is Chinese restaurant located in OKC.

This is a self-mail menu that unfolds to reveal the restaurant’s menu. The design focuses on Chinese dragon parade costume. This is an image that most people will instantly recognize as Chinese, or at the very least, Asian. Some simple borders reference the Great Wall of China. The cover lists only the important information. The name of the restaurant, the times they are open, their phone number, and their website.

The inside follows the same visual language. One thing I have always hated about menus are the items and prices separated by a long dotted line. On big menus, I often find myself following the line with my finger to make sure I’m reading the correct price. Why not put the price right next to the items? That’s exactly what I did.

The menu also includes a map to the restaurant. The map is simple and easy to follow. The color scheme of the menu is red and brown, making a striking visual aesthetic. The inside menu is vertical to feel like you’re reading an ancient scroll. The background has an aged paper texture to feel like it’s printed on an old piece of parchment.