Valentine's Day

Office gifts

Every year I made a Valentine’s Day gift for the 20 or so women in my work group. The trick to these gifts was to be mostly appreciative, and much less romantic in nature. This particular year I decided on the theme of “you make the workday brighter”.

The boxes were made from small wooden planter boxes. I simple stacked two together and purchased some small hinges to attach them. I found some plastic light bulb containers that were the exact size of a regular light bulb. This meant I could purchase a light bulb socket and screw them directly into the box.

After painting the box white I created a graphic to go on the front of the gift with the individual’s name on it. On the inside I created a graphic to cover the underside of the socket that said “you make the workday brighter”. I also included a small graphic of a cupid for the bottom of the box.

I packed them all up the night before Valentine’s Day and placed them on everyone’s desk. That way they would be greeted with them first thing in the morning, or whenever their shift started.