Brand Identity is easily my favorite thing to create. Trying to quickly communicate information in a simple graphic is a fun challenge. When your target market sees your logo, they should immediately understand your message.

I’m a strong believer in typography. Too many designers focus all their efforts on making an icon, only to center it over the company name in a simple sans serif font. To be blunt, this is bad design. You can go online and buy a logo using this method for the cost of a McDonald’s meal. You simply choose an icon you want and type your company name under it. That’s not custom. That’s not special. That’s a disservice to your business.

You can’t fake custom type. Custom typography is unique. It’s beautiful. It’s a level of attention to detail that you probably want your business associated with. Bland, boring, and unoriginal branding can cost you business. If your branding is weak, and your competitor’s branding is professional and compelling, they’ll choose them over you.