Oklahoma Museum Network

Logo for a group of Oklahoma museums that travel the state and teach children science through the use of hands on exhibits.

To start, I focused on the word “museum”. The typeface is a thick sans with rounded edges. This makes the logo look soft and safe; no sharp corners children can hurt themselves on. The different colors strengthen the child-like look, and the hands cutting into the letter forms visually reinforce the fact that the exhibits are hands-on.

‘Oklahoma’ and ‘Network’ are set in a standard serif typeface to contrast with the playfulness of ‘museum’. I rounded some of the ends of the letter forms to create subtle beaker silhouettes, as well as to tie back into the rounded ends of the word ‘museum’.

Lastly, I kept the letters ‘USE’ in ‘museum’ unaltered to further strengthen the idea that this organization uses hands-on teaching tools in order to educate children. Not to put to fine a point on it, the children directly “use” the exhibits.

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