Working at American Airlines required processing a lot of documents. Saving the documents required following a strict naming procedure. Doing this manually could eat up a lot of time, so I created VBA Macros to do the job for me. Not only did this save time, but it also insured that mistakes were avoided.

For example, we had documents called Incremental Change documents. The naming procedure required the document to be named with the following information: ETDT #, Vendor Name, IC #, and Approval Date. So a file name might look like this: 201904493 CFM INTERNATIONAL IC 72-00-00-030-005 06252019.

Because all that information is already located on the document, I could simply grab that information and arrange it into the file name. The only exception was the approval date, which wasn’t contained within it’s own cell. For the date, I needed to use a pop-up for manual insertion. Other documents had the date in a separate cell, thus allowing me to skip this step. On top of saving the document as a Word document, I also had to save it as a PDF. That too was built into the Macro. You can examine the document and code below.