Science Museum


A logo for a museum of science located in Oklahoma City.

How do you communicate something as broad as general science? That was my challenge. I decided early in the creative process that focusing on any particular imagery would be counter productive. There really isn’t any imagery that could speak to all of science evenly. So instead of trying to visually interpret science literally, I decided to speak to the heart of science: exploration.

The logo for Science Museum Oklahoma is partially a mirror ambigram. The word ‘science’ can be read when reflected in a mirror; it’s the same forwards and backwards. This creates a simple puzzle for the mind to solve. Science is the study of the structure of the physical world through observation and experiment. This logo allows for the viewer to notice a pattern within the typography and make an informed observation as to it’s purpose. So instead of designing a graphic based on what tools science uses, such as a beaker or safety goggles, I focused on the idea of discovery and observation.