Everyone at work was required to submit a time card once a week. This allowed management to keep a record of vacation time used, sick time, comp time, etc. The problem was many people would forget to submit their time cards. This resulted in multiple reminder emails needing to be sent, thus delaying the recording of the information. I offered to help by creating a process that would submit the time card automatically.

First I created a Macro that opened every Monday at 9am. The Macro would open the employees Excel time card, attach it to a new email, and send the email to the appropriate individuals. I saved the Macro in the same folder the employee kept their time card. Next I created a BAT file that simply pointed to the Macro. Lastly, I opened Windows Task Scheduler and set a weekly run time of the BAT file.

Once I set this up on all team member’s computers, their time card was automatically emailed every Monday at 9am.