Light Bulb Box

Valentine’s Day Office gifts Every year I made a Valentine’s Day gift for the 20 or so women in my work group. The trick to these gifts was to be mostly appreciative, and much less romantic in nature. This particular year I decided on the theme of “you make the workday brighter”. The boxes were […]

Wedding Menu

Wedding Menu My best friend was getting married and asked if I could design her menu. We decided to print the menu directly on the napkins. This created a fun presentation, saved on waste, and allowed for a fun keepsake for the guests. When the napkin is unfolded, there are two birds singing love songs […]

Morrison Group

Thank you card I created after a job interview with a company that primarily creates branded food service products.

Duck Hunt

I applied for a job at a design firm that worked heavily with the hunting industry. I created a thank you card that referenced the classic Duck Hunt game for Nintendo.

DrawSomething Gift

DrawSomething Gift I played a mobile game with a friend called DrawSomething. It was a game where you drew a picture and your opponent guessed what word you were drawing. Answering correctly would award you gold coins that could be spent on particular items in the game. We played this game every day for weeks. […]

Windy’s Chili

Windy’s Chili Costume Every year American Airlines would have a Chili Cookoff, where teams from all over the base would compete for the best chili. This particular year our theme was a play off Wendy’s, called Windy’s. Fart jokes are prevalent at these events, and are universally funny. You never out grow fart jokes.  I […]