Weekly Tasking

Everyone at work was required to submit a time card once a week. This allowed management to keep a record of vacation time used, sick time, comp time, etc. The problem was many people would forget to submit their time cards. This resulted in multiple reminder emails needing to be sent, thus delaying the recording […]

Compiling Metrics

We had an employee that was responsible for downloading a report that provided information on documents that had not been closed. These are documents that are either still being worked, have been suspended, or have been looked over or missed. Her job was to take this report and sort all the information by work group. […]

Emailing Documents

At American Airlines our Document Specialists processed files that required a team notification via email. These teams are indicated on the document as a Section Number. Normally the Specialist would need to refer to a separate document to determine who would be notified. They would then need to create a new email and attach the […]

Renaming Files

Working at American Airlines required processing a lot of documents. Saving the documents required following a strict naming procedure. Doing this manually could eat up a lot of time, so I created VBA Macros to do the job for me. Not only did this save time, but it also insured that mistakes were avoided. For […]