More Logos

More Logos Brand Identity is easily my favorite thing to create. Trying to quickly communicate information in a simple graphic is a fun challenge. When your target market sees your logo, they should immediately understand your message. I’m a strong believer in typography. Too many designers focus all their efforts on making an icon, only […]

Science Museum Oklahoma

Science Museum Oklahoma A logo for a museum of science located in Oklahoma City. How do you communicate something as broad as general science? That was my challenge. I decided early in the creative process that focusing on any particular imagery would be counter productive. There really isn’t any imagery that could speak to all […]

A Very Special Orchestra

A Very Special Orchestra Logo for a  non-profit organization located in Edmond Oklahoma that teaches children with mental handicaps how to play music using percussion instruments. To start, I created a graphic of a hand. It seemed logical, since most of the instruments being utilized for the children are instruments you hit with your hand. […]

Capital City Associates

Capital City Associates Logo for a Republican lobby firm located in Oklahoma City. At first, I was exploring different ways to incorporate the dome of the Oklahoma capital building into the logo. At some point I concluded that I could make the building look like an elephant, which is the logo of the Republican party. […]

Oklahoma Museum Network

Oklahoma Museum Network Logo for a group of Oklahoma museums that travel the state and teach children science through the use of hands on exhibits. To start, I focused on the word “museum”. The typeface is a thick sans with rounded edges. This makes the logo look soft and safe; no sharp corners children can […]


Chewsies Ring Logo for a company that makes a children’s chew toy that attaches to a car seat. The product is a rubber ring attached to a nylon piece of material that attaches to a car seat. In the logo, the “i” is a visual representation of the actual product. I hand rendered the typography […]