Toastmasters Video

ToastMasters Video ToastMasters is an organization that helps people become better public speakers. American Airlines had a chapter and wanted a video that explained the benefits of joining. I attended some meetings and conducted some interviews. I couldn’t fly out to the other bases to interview everyone, so some interviews were recorded by someone else […]

Forms Process Video

Forms Process Video One of my jobs at American Airlines was Forms Coordinator. I was responsible for designing, updating, and maintaining a large forms repository. We implemented changes to the forms process and needed a simple way of communicating the changes to our customers. I decided to take a stab at animation. I had been […]

Main Event Quarantine Video

Main Event Open Video Main Event wanted a video to share on social media informing people they were now open after being closed due to the pandemic. I worked directly with their staff to write and shoot a video that covered what they were doing to keep their guests safe. Back to other stuff

Main Event Halloween Video

Main Event Halloween Video Main Event wanted a quick video promoting their Halloween event. I created a ghost animation talking about all the activities that would be available. I also did the voice over, changing the pitch in Adobe Audition.  I’ve worked with Main Event on numerous video projects. We’ve made animated videos, Instagram food […]

Main Event Birthday Video

This is a promotional video I created for Main Event Tulsa to advertise their birthday parties. I was just beginning to learn Adobe Character Animator when this project came to me. I wanted to do something that would allow me to put what I had learned into practice. I came up with the idea of […]